Thursday, November 24, 2011

now and never . . ape kah ?

Assalamualaikum.. it has been  long time i didn't update my entry . . 

i miss my parents, family and frens also. . 

our final examination is just around the corner. . im not fully prepare for that.
they have a lot of thing i must do . . especially STUDY ! 
A LOT OF ASSIGNMENTs. . . yeah i know that a real life for a student . 

I MUST FACE IT . . .  

kepada adik2 atau kengkawan yang ingin masuk alam U . . 

plezzz prepare & prepare ur physical and mental first . .

is not easy as u think . . . even we heard that, we can enjoy in University. . 
the rules are not strict like in primary and secondary school..

no lahh.. in university we must get knowledge as many as we can. . 
develop our thinking . . and think out of the box. .

thats the first advice from my PA .

but here . . im still try to adapt this university's life..

" mereka semua di sini jauh lebih pandai " 

dont say i wish , but try to say I WILL .

I cannot simply GIVE UP. . 
i love my parents. they make a lot of sacrifice for me to being here..

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